Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blogged Down

Sorry for the long gap in posts. The extraordinary heat wave (2+ weeks of days with temps on either side of 90 and no rain) sapped me of all my excess energy. It took everything I had just to keep the garden and the buffalo watered. That and we had a bunch of wonderful friends and family visit. Writing a blog in the hottest room in the house is no match for lemonade on the porch with good company.

In case you were wondering, the risotto featuring our chicken of the woods mushroom turned out beautifully. It was tasty, too. The mushroom holds its shape, color, and texture better than any mushroom I've had before. The flavor really came through nicely. We enjoyed it so much that we went back and harvested as much of the rest of the mushroom as we could reach (this time with a long-handled pruning saw) and had another meal's worth. If I had to guess, I'd say we got around 1.5 pounds of fantastic fungus in all.

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