Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Watermelon Pickle

Nothing like hot, steamy weather to put one in a watermelon frame of mind. Normally, I'm opposed to the so-called seedless varieties both for the lie (there are seeds) and for taking the fun of seed spitting out of the equation. I did make an exception this time, as it was a freebie from EarthFare.
Being the only watermelon eater in the household, I had to eat an heroic amount of this most hydrating of fruits in short order to get it to fit into the fridge. Then it was a race to finish before it went off. I saved the rinds to make watermelon pickle--a trick taught to me by my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Spencer. With a little help from a friend, rinds were peeled and diced, then boiled in a sugar, vinegar, and spice mixture until tender.

Water-bath canning ensued and voila! Sweet and tangy watermelon pickle.
So, so tasty.