Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Drizzly October Day

Although it is a quite lovely and unusually warm temperature for late October, I find myself indoors due to the persistence of our "isolated" showers. For a while, there was a regular alternation between a half an hour of rain and a half an hour of sun. Sadly, no overlapping of the two to produce nice rainbows (guess we should be happy with the double rainbow on Monday). Now the whole day has degenerated into gray and heavy drizzle.

I shall try to make the best of this soggy situation and catch up on my much-neglected blogging. October is always a very busy month on the farm and it has been all the more so this year. I think the combination of unseasonably warm weather, a bumper crop of nuts, and the need to take winter preparations seriously this year now that we're responsible for livestock is my excuse for neglecting the computer in favor of outdoor activities.

Let me load a few pictures and I'll get back to it shortly.

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