Thursday, November 18, 2010


Well, that was unexpected! I just chased off a coyote. It's no secret that we've had coyote around. They are quite bold in leaving their scat prominently displayed in the middle of paths, in barn stalls, and most recently on the logs demarcating our compost piles. Still, I wasn't expecting to see one in broad daylight.

The buffs had been dragging their hooves, so to speak, this morning about crossing through the fish pond to get to the lower pasture. I went to play with Buddy in the yard while waiting for them to make the move. Eventually they crossed and I closed the gate behind them. When I went back to get Buddy for her walk, I whistled to get her attention (her nose was well stuck into the dirt in her usual mole-hunter pose). As she looked up, I saw the coyote about 50 feet past the fence doing a quick about-face and dashing off toward Krabapplestan. Leaving Buddy in the yard, I followed as far as the creek but saw no trace of it.

I suspect the coyote was on its way up the creek to our neighbor's cattle. We spotted a newborn calf there yesterday and it occurs to me that birth smells must be mighty tempting to a coyote. I doubt the coyote would be any match for the bulls but it might make a run at the calf if it were far from the herd. If nothing else, I think I now  know why the buffs were being balky this morning. And why they kept a close eye on us as I walked Buddy. They must wonder why I keep company with a little coyote.

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