Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Little Late for Easter

A few weeks ago, I was getting the last of the seeds into the garden. Thought I'd squeeze in just a few more edamame near the rhubarb.

I reached down to push aside some old pine straw and noticed something odd.

Looks like fur. And a hole. Uh oh. Better pull up a bit more pine straw.

Yup. Baby bunnies. Four of them. They were nearly fully baked--just about to open their eyes--so I didn't have the heart to boot them from their nest. I covered everything back up and monitored it over the next few days to make sure mama rabbit was coming back to care for them. Within a week, they were gone. Thankfully, they didn't stay in the garden.

I'm still not sure how mama got in nor how the babies got out through the chicken wire but they seem to be finding enough good stuff outside the garden perimeter that they aren't devouring my lettuce and other greens. I saw one of the young ones when I was mowing the lawn recently (I had to direct it to a safe place to hang out while the lawn tractor did its thing) so at least one hadn't succumbed to the predations of the hawks and the coyote at that point. Judging from the amount of fur-filled coyote scat that I've found this week, I'm not sure that's still true. Oh well. It's not like we need more rabbits around here. Still, baby bunnies--how cute is that?

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  1. Awwwwe! That is so cute. We raised orphan bunnies once when I was little.