Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas Dinner 2011

Before we get too much more into 2012, I better post the menu and pix from Christmas dinner 2011.

We were definitely in the mood for a warm, cozy meal with loads seasonal veggies but not a lot of fussy dishes or overly rich ingredients. In the interest of keeping things simple, I elected to pass on doing a meat entree for me as I normally do for the big holiday meals. I also didn't bother much with presentation (not that I ever do a lot in this area), only making a token use of "the good china."  It worked. We had a delicious meal and didn't spend all day in the kitchen. Here's what we had:

Arugula Salad with Jerusalem Artichokes and Shaved Parmesan
Wild Mushroom Shepherds' Pie with Mushroom/Pinot Sauce
Roasted Onion Gratin (made with seven different types of onions)
Fennel Gratin
Honey Yeast Rolls
Mincemeat Pie

And here's the pictorial proof:

Jerusalem artichokes for the salad dug from our yard on Christmas Eve:

The salad (with requisite Christmas cracker and a glass of Sokol-Blosser Meditrina)

The onions in all their roasted glory (and they were glorious--truly):

All together now (sorry, seem to have neglected a photo of the entree on its own):

And the finale:

This meal seems like it was a million years ago already but I'm glad to be thinking of it again. It's a good reminder that I need to dig out the recipe for that onion dish again and not just save it for holidays. Maybe if I have it two or three more times I'll be able to put into words just how phenomenal it was.


  1. Maybe if you dig out the onion dish recipe...you would share it those of us whose mouths are watering?

    1. Yes! It's the Roasted Onions with Gruyere Croutons recipe from Bon Appetit. Here's the link: http://www.bonappetit.com/recipes/2009/12/roasted_onions_with_gruyere_crouton
      The only modification I would make is to use fewer croutons--let the onions be the stars of the show.