Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring is here

The ducks are back, earthworms are getting it on in the driveway, the beaver is bodysurfing the creek after a night of chopping down hazelnut canes, the frogs were leaping all over the rain-soaked road last night (Leap Day, of course)....

Checked on the bees today. The weak hive didn't make it (no surprise here--simply not enough bees to make it through the winter). But the bees in the strong hive, a.k.a., the New Girls on the Block, are ramping up fast. I'll have to split them before long to head off any inclinations toward swarming. Love seeing the queen doing her thing with lots of brood already in process and loads of pollen coming in. The bees are also robbing the dead hive of its remaining honey stores so it will not go to waste.

These 70-degree days make me think it won't be long before the snakes are back and then it won't be long before we see the box turtles again. Ahhhhhhhh.....Spring!


  1. So evocative, Alison. I can smell your earth, I think! Happy news about your thriving hive. And the buffs...are they as personality-drenched as your posts imply?

  2. The buffs are not only drenched in personality they spray it around liberally (much like the muddy wallow water).

  3. Frogs leaping for Leap Year = groan