Thursday, August 19, 2010

From Overdue to Overdone

Thanks to a combination of guilt and inspiration, I feel a whole lot of blog posts coming on. Bear with me as I catch up on some odds and sods.

Here's some wildlife that didn't make it into the last post:
Can you see the little two-toned furry critter with the prehensile tail? Click on the pic to enlarge. Yes, it's the cutest 'possum I've seen yet. It's unusual both in that it put in an appearance in daylight and that it's not roadkill. I wish I could say it was just good luck, but after watching it with binoculars, I realized that it had been wounded--no doubt by our great hunter dog, Bru. One of the poor opossum's hind legs was bloodied and it was not walking too well on it. Still, it managed to get out of our yard and head back to the relative safety of the overgrowth around the fish pond. I'm guessing it survived the attack by, um, playing 'possum. Bru gives up on any critter once it stops moving (except box turtles--he always wants to get the prize inside the box).

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