Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zucchini Mystery

OK, all you gardeners, botanists, and horticultural types. Anyone have any idea why I'm getting albino zucchini?
This plant, one of several plant starts that I got from a local nursery, has produced several nearly white zucchini. They have just the faintest hint of green about them. None of the other plants have done this. What's especially odd is that the plant alternates between one of these and one classic dark green zuke. The zukes are structurally perfect (best of any of the plants this summer) and taste fine. I have my doubts about the soil as this is the one I planted in an old tire in the soil that was there when we moved in and I didn't add any amendments. Still, since the plant is alternating, I'm wondering if it's just some genetic anomaly. Thoughts?


  1. Maybe it crossed with a magda type squash (somehow...) they are very pale green.

  2. I had one about one foot long that was white like yours. Mine came from some volunteer zucchini plans (three of them) they volunteered form some last years zucchini plants that planted close to some white patty pan squash. All the zucchinis are white on my plants, thoughts.