Thursday, May 20, 2010

Buffalo Names

OK. After much deliberation, we have settled on names. We toyed with the idea of naming them after characters in The Sopranos, since Tony and Carmella would be great names for a breeding pair and we wouldn't think too hard about sending a bull calf named A.J. off to slaughter. The problem would be with naming the female calves. There just weren't many female characters in that show who weren't related to Tony.

So, we went with my first inclination which was to use selections from the treasure trove that is the names of my long-dead relatives. Introducing (from left to right) Eschol, Effie, and Audrey. Eschol is the sweet little bull, Effie seems to be the leader of the herd, and Audrey is our furry little love sponge. For some reason, Audrey has a lot more hair than the others, making her look gruff, but she's all about the love. This morning as I scratched her head, she rolled over on her side to get a belly rub. I was more than happy to oblige.

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