Friday, May 21, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away?

It used to be that I hated rainy days. Now I have mixed feelings about them. Today, for example, steady rain started at dawn and has kept up all morning. Hate should be on the menu, especially since I cut hay yesterday and it's lying out in the field getting soaked. Not to mention today was to be the day I would check on whether the queen bee got released from her cage after last week's package installation. But then I went to see the water buffalo and they are loving life because of the rain--it keeps them cool and keeps down the bugs. And I didn't have to water the garden to keep all the newly planted seeds from drying out (not to mention the rain barrels are getting a much-needed refill after a big planting week). Having lived through several years of drought here, I definitely have an appreciation for rain. I guess it's the unexpected rain--the one that messes up my plans--that I still resent. Guess I'll just chill with the H2O buffs and try to accept the things I cannot control.

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