Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In the Beginning There Were Buffalo

Time to finally get this blog up and running. Bear with me (Alison) as I figure out how to make this pretty. We had long intended to write about the challenges of finding food that satisfies--no--thrills us both. Sharing food is a big part of our lives. We have great fun cooking at home and now with our farm, starting to raise more of our own food. We're fortunate to live near a great town for foodies of all stripes (Asheville, NC) but even here, we are sometimes surprised at the paucity of vegetarian options on some menus. Future blog posts will include hearty entreaties to all restaurateurs to forgo the token portobello whatever option.

For now, let's just get everyone up to speed on our biggest adventure yet: raising water buffalo! I fell in love with these wonderful creatures 4 years ago when we visited Fairburn Farm on Vancouver Island, BC. I'd never had much interest in anything bovine other than as a potential meal until I met the Archers' water buffalo. We walked out to the pasture one day to get a closer look and were awestruck by how intelligent and interactive the buffalo were. As they walked up to us, we realized they were acting more like dogs than any cow I'd ever seen. Thus began a lingering obsession. More about why buffs are the best later.

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  1. Ya HOOO! I was just going to send you a note to ask about the buffs and saw the link to your blog on FB. Love this!!!

    Also love the theme of this blog - kind of like me and Garth, only in the reverse (he's the carnivore, I'm the ... mostly ... vegetarian).