Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Reunion

Last weekend, Jim bonded with the buffs before heading off to Boston and LA. It was Effie who put her head on his leg and all week she refused my attention. The other two made me pay the love toll every time I walked through the pasture to bring them water or to go work on the barn, but she would have no part of it. At first I thought Effie was jealous of the other two or maybe she found their public displays of affection demeaning somehow. Was she the cat counterpart to the others' dog-like nature? Then it hit me. She'd been pining for Jim.

Sure enough, when they had their big reunion this morning, Effie pushed her way through the pack to get to Jim. All three of them followed him around and licked him as much as he could take. When it was my turn, even Effie had love for me. And when some hunter fired shots a little too close to home, she came running to me (I had spent some time with them the previous evening to make sure they were ok when the hunters were in the area). Perhaps she had blamed me for Jim's disappearance but apparently all is forgiven.

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